Diana Mini Camera Picnic Edition

Diana Mini Camera Picnic Edition

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The new Diana Mini Picnic edition is here and is dressed to impress. The new uniform comes in a lovely seafoam green—reminiscent of that 1950’s Cadillac we all wished we had— it is practically pocket-sized, and aptly delivers those beloved Diana F+ aesthetics: soft-focus, vignetting and beautiful colors. This 35 mm camera may be small but it’s still the all-weather analogue shooter we’ve come to adore.

  • Uses all kinds of 35mm film (Color Negative, Black & White, Slide, Redscale, etc.)
  • Shoots up to 72 shots per film on half-frame mode
  • Shoots up to 36 shots per film on square mode
  • Standard film development
  • Multiple Exposure and Endless Panorama functions
  • Bulb mode for long exposures
  • Cable release attachment
  • Sunny and Cloudy exposure settings
  • Tripod mount

Package Includes

  • Diana Mini
  • Diana F+ Flash