Point/Counterpoint: Contemporary Mexican Photography

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Point/Counterpoint features work from contemporary Mexican photographers created from 2000-2015. Presented as part of the Getty’s Pacific Standard Time: LA/LA initiative, MOPA brings together nineteen artists whose images explore the political, economic, and social changes of a country that is tied to the past, yet seeking a new future.

Artists featured in the exhibition include Iñaki Bonillas, Pablo López Luz, Gerardo Suter, Alex Dorfsman, Fernando Montiel Klint, Daniela Edburg, Dr. Lakra, Juan José Herrera, Daniela Rossell, Andrés Carretero, Yvone Venegas, José Luis Cuevas, Frederico Gama, Maya Goded, Guillermo Arias, Teresa Margolles, Ana Casas Broda, Patricia Martín  

160 pp., ISBN 978-0-9991924-0-5
Published by Museum of Photographic Arts 
First Edition, 2017
Text in English and Spanish